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Phil Jamieson

To kick off a new year and a new chapter of creativity, Phil Jamieson announces the release of new singles ‘Kapow!’ and ‘Rubberband’. Two tracks that highlight Jamieson’s talents as an emotive songwriter and storyteller, also featuring additional guitars and production courtesy of Davey Lane (You Am I), this new music is a perfect addition to what has become an impressive and enduring body of work.

Having spent over two decades entertaining crowds both as a solo artist and as the frontman of the ARIA-winning Australian outfit Grinspoon, the evolution of Phil Jamieson as a musician and songwriter has been one that fans have been able to follow closely.

With the release of ‘Kapow!’ and ‘Rubberband’, fans are able to gain further insight into the type of space Jamieson is creating within now; a space seasoned by life experiences, unique perspectives and intimate honesty.

“‘Kapow!’ is a song about that thrill and sense of wild abandonment one feels when falling in love for the first time; that kind of precipice moment where you stand and feel exhilaration and a rush – when everything is everything. This really is more for me; I’m doing it because I really like these songs and it’s taken me this long to like them. 2021 – here we go.”
Phil Jamieson

“…What was most surprising was how proficient he was as a guitarist. I had always seen Phil as a frontman only. But this showed a deeper side to him. It showed the true songwriting genius he is.”
Wall Of Sound

“Jamieson’s 20-odd years of musical experience and musicianship cannot be faulted, and it was an amazing experience to see someone so talented in their raw form.”
This is Radelaide

“Phil Jamieson, as lead vocalist and guitarist for the beloved Grinspoon, has long been one of Australian rock’s most revered frontmen, and when you remove the noise surrounding him, it’s even easier to see why.”
Blank GC


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