Motive Perth

Burgs – N – Bass

Strictly DNB & underground bass. Semi-open decks.


  • Message us the day before/on the day of the event (the Motive page, Emily or Harley)
  • 2 spots will be reserved for on-the-night, in-person sign up.
  • If it’s your birthday near the event date, you can sign up a week in advance & also bring 2 friends in for free!
  • DJs play on a volunteer basis – This way we can make tickets super cheap and help the Perth dnb scene grow.
    [We dream of a Perth where there is a dnb event on every night of the week <3]

 Strictly DNB & underground bass music.
No riddim/brostep (not the vibe we want).
No mainstream pop music.

$10 entry between 7pm-8pm
$15 entry from 8pm onwards



$3 sliders
$3 fries
$3 soft drinks


  • This is easy. If you play at dnb events, then you’re already on our list!
    (Feel free to hit us up anyway to make sure we haven’t missed you)
  • If you’re a newcomer, send us a mix for approval to be in the pool (Experience using CDJs is essential – You don’t need to be Andy C or anything! You just need to be able to confidently play a 30 min set on CDJs)
  • Once you’re in the pool, you can sign up for any and every event. First-in-first-serve!



  • Organising a babysitter making it too hard to get out to dnb events? Bring your little ones along  (just be mindful that the music is not censored or curated by us and may include the occasional f-bomb etc. – We’ll leave it up to you to decide if you’re happy to bring your kids down!)
  • Do you know a minor who can DJ and would like to play a gig? Send us a message and sign them up! (Please note: Under 18’s must be accompanied by their LEGAL guardian, not just anyone who is over 18)
  • Under 18’s enter for free


visit us

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Tuesday – Saturday

35 Lakes Street, Northbridge

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